In the early 1970s, Mafalda and Dalmazio started a small artisan workshop in Vaccarile di Ostra, in the province of Ancona. Over the following decades, there was a significant increase in business, and the success of their small enterprise led to the founding of PAUL S.p.A., in 1983.

For over 40 years, the Galassi family has been producing clothing of all kinds, specializing in Denim. The company's goal has always been to enhance a locally-made, Italian product, resorting to the knowledge and deep-rooted taste of  Italian culture.

In 1992, Dalmazio Galassi was joined by Paolo Galassi and Mario Ceccarelli, who represent the company today. In collaboration with a highly qualified staff, PAUL S.p.A. specializes in assisting, accommodating and bringing their customers' visions to life, developing the final product in its entirety while ensuring the high quality standards that the market demands.